What are the programs in IOTA?

What will my child learn at IOTA?

p      IOTA offers variety of personalized learning programs as per their needs. We have the following programs
  1. IOTA Math for Kindergarten and Grade 1 to 8 - The program builds strong conceptual foundation of CBSE/ICSE/State Math. The program draws international best practices in teaching and helps students visualize maths using 100+ virtual tools. Students have live sessions with subject matter experts and also can learn online using more than 300+ videos for every class. Students can also practice all concepts using innovative practice tests given in the portal. Our scientific diagnostic tests helps understand the skil gaps in the child and helps in early intervention. The program is aligned to CBSE/ICSE/STATE Math Curriculum
  2. Singapore Math + Coding - The Program aims to build conceptual clarity among kids using intuitive models. Students learn Singapore Math, the World's No.1 Higher Order Thinking Skills Math. Students can also take a combo pack of Coding which will introduce them to Scratch, Games, App Building and other topics.
  3. IOTA Phonics & Reading (KG, Grade 1 to 6)- The program uses variety of phonics tools, reading books to build strong reading foundational skills in the child. Based on the US common core curriculum, the program emphasizes on all parts of english learning like Phonics, Reading, Listening, Speaking etc. The program has numerous videos and activities to make learning fun and exciting. We have also introduced Indian Reading books so that the courses are more contextual
  4. IOTA Mental Arithmetic - The program aims to buld mental agility skills in the students. Students will develop math proficiency, mental arithmetic skills, critical thinking skills, logical reasoning skill and more. The program designed in 2004-05, has undertaken a major reengineering in the last two years. The program has been made more aligned to the curriculum with complete making of the curriculum to CBSE/ICSE/Board. For example, in Grade 1, students focus on Addition and Subtratcion till 20, in Grade 2, students focus on Addition and Subtraction till 1000, In Grade 3, students focus on Multiplication and Division, while in Grade 4 and 5, the main focus is on mental speed in Fractions, Decimals and Integers.  The program develops Academic Excellence and Brain Development. 
  5. Super Fast Abacus in 24 hrs - A offshoot of main Mental Arithmetic, the program focusses only on the Abacus technique and mental visualization abacus technique. Students  will be able to compete the visualization of the addition and subtraction with in 24 classes. Students will be able to do complex addition like 34 + 56 + 78 + 98 very fast and more accurately. Unlike other abacus our students do the problems more using visual techniques than abacus.
  6. Super Fast Multiplication and Division - One of the most popular programs of IOTA which emphasizes on developing super fast multiplication and division skills among kids. The three levels of this programs helps students achieve mastery in Multiplication and Division. The Program aims at reinforcing the concepts learnt in school and helps directly in enhancing mental agility skills in Multiplication and Division. At the end of the program, many students can do 123 x 345 mentally and also do complex squaring like square of 123 in one step. This is a very popular program 
  7. Super Fast Fractions and Decimals - The program aims to build mental agility skills in Fractions and Decimals. This program is only available with IOTA and is not available with any one else. Students learn four operations of fractions using variety of innovative techniques. The focus is more on logical methods which helps students achieve speed. 
  8. New Products like Reading+ and Science+ would be released shortly. The details will be updated on release of the products.

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